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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Humanitarian Sciences, 2010, No.1

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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Humanitarian Sciences, 2010, No.1

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
(Vestsi Natsiyanalnai Akademii Navuk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Number 1, 2010

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Lazarevich A. A.
Informational dangers of the present. pp. 5--11.

Summary: Information security has been considered as a part of more general task of the National security ensuring. The attention has been focused on the number of actual problems related the safe development of men and society in conditions of the global information space. Such problems are the problem of the produced information quality, the problem of rational "assimilation" of information both by individual and social consciousness, the problem of socio-psychological adaptation of human beings in conditions of the new computer technologies and communication methods and the problem of socio-moral and legislative regulation of the information processes in society. The information affect on the modern cultural synthesis peculiarities, the structure-creative and communication components of the cultural system have been investigated, too.

Trambitskiy U. U.
Personality in traditional, before industrial, industrial and postindustrial societies. pp. 12--15.

Summary: This article is devoted to investigations of the status of personality in the traditional agrarian (before industrial), industrial and postindustrial informational civilizations. The author analyses changes in the spiritual life of an individuality in the modern civilization in conditions of the interaction of cultures. The author concludes that the modern civilization demands from the personality to have qualities different from traditional and industrial ones.



Zdrok О. М.
Conciliation procedures: concept and place in the system of dispute resolution alternative ways. pp. 16--21.

Summary: The article is devoted to the scientific analysis of the legal phenomenon received the name "conciliation procedures". The concept of "conciliation procedures" has been analyzed in correlation with adjacent categories. Additionally the questions have been resolved how the concept of "conciliation procedures" would be settled: by the mediation procedures only or with help of some other ones.

Ludvikevich V. M.
Legal responsibilities: theoretical and practical problems. pp. 22--26.

Summary: The article is devoted to the rather urgent legal problem of the legal responsibility which is one of most debatable in the theory of law. The attention has been paid to the necessity of the potential responsibility allocation (stipulated by the rule of law) and subjective legal responsibility as well as it's separation into the independent legal institute of protection measures. Three basic stages of the subjective legal responsibility which are arising, engaging and realization have been analyzed. The statement has been made that the perpetration of offence is the basis of the legal responsibility beginning. The author underlined that the branch legislation on various kinds of the legal responsibility (disciplinary, civil-law) does not contain concepts of the appropriate kinds of the responsibility and frequently even does not name their fundamentals. Definitions of the criminal and administrative responsibilities available in the legislation could be deservedly subject to criticism. In this connection there is an objective necessity to strengthen legal responsibility concept and fundamentals on the legislative level as well as concepts and fundamentals of its conventional kinds. With purpose of this problem decision the Law about "of the legal responsibility" acceptance has been offered in the article.



Kolotukhin V. A.
Investigations of specificity of the scientific production market functioning. pp. 27--32.

Summary: Features of the scientific production market forming and functioning have been investigated there as well as the external and internal factors influencing the efficiency of the intellectual property objects commercialization. The proposals to the innovative activity management organization in scientific establishments have been formulated, too.

Pachekin V. L.
Methodological fundamentals of the economical safety guaranteeing as the basic sources for export-oriented enterprises safety system building. pp. 33--41.

Summary: The article covers methodological statements how to build the safety guaranteeing system for the abroad economic activity (VED). Criteria of the economic safety estimation have been formulated. The most typical VED stability and safety measurements have been shown.

Sakalova N S.
Belarus-Italy: perspectives on the mutually beneficial trade. pp. 42--50.

Summary: The article is devoted to the problems of the export-import relations development between Belarus and Italy. Their relations have been analyzed with considering of the trade dynamics between countries during the 2000-2008 years. The positive and negative aspects of the trade for Belarus have been defined including the negative trade surplus, low levels of the diversification of export, a raw-oriented export into the Italy. Ways to enhance the trade have been proposed. The options of co-operation between Belarusian and Italian manufacturers have been shown.



Zyabko A. A.
Anti-war movement on the territory of Belarus during the World War I (August 1914 – February 1917) in the Soviet and domestic historiography. pp. 51--56.

Summary: On the basis of scientific works and published historical sources the periodization of the anti-war movement problems historiography for the territory of Belarus during the First World War (August 1914 - February 1917) has been elaborated. The author of the article defines the proportion of studies of this theme and characterizes stages of the problem investigations by Soviet and Belarusian scientists.

Matsuk A. V.
Struggle between magnate groups for the power of sub-chancellor in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1752. pp. 57--64.

Summary: The article has been devoted to investigations of struggle between magnate groups Chartoryiskie and Radzivill for the position of the sub-chancellor in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Really this struggle was the competition for the political leadership in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The new court Yuriy Mnishek party has an active participation in the struggle. This party used the struggle to weaken Chartoryiskie party at the King's court and to build the cooperation with Radzivills in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The victory of their Family and getting by Michail Antoniy Sapega the position of subchancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania have made strengthen the Chartoriskie Family in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and worsen their relations to the King's court.

Zaitsava N. V.
Role of the social consumption funds in the kolkhoz peasantry of Belarus social maintenance (1966-1975). pp. 65--69.

Summary: The article is devoted to the problem of improvement the social protection systems for collective-farmers in 1966-1975 years. In this period existent farming methods didn't permit to raise this field of the economy on the necessary level. There were not possibilities for modernization and installation of the social protection systems for collective-farmers. These problems are general for studying the social and living conditions of Belarusian collective-farmers.



Kalachova I. I.
Ethno-cultural processes in the urban Belarusian family in the last third of XX – beginning of XXI centuries. pp. 70--75.

Summary: The analysis of conditions for the ethnocultural processes inside the urban family has been given in the article. Mechanisms of the heritage of traditions as the main principle of ethnocultural processes functioning have been researched in Belarusian families. There were determined different levels of ethnocultural development. The degree of the Belarusian families modernization has been investigated, too.

Talochka V. Ya.
Space and time in the Belarusian radio-theatre performances. pp. 76--83.

Summary: That is a pioneer work in the Belarusian art criticism studies of the dialectical unity of time and space in Belarusian radio-theatre performances during the 1980-1990 years. Two major variants of time ad space representation in national dramatized radio shows have been revealed. They are: the time and space in the hero's stream of consciousness in lyric radio plays and the conditionally real time and space in Belarusian lyric-epical and dramatic radio plays. The influence of genre forms on the space-time embodiment in the original Belarusian radio drama and in radio-versions of literary works also has been investigated in the article

Luigas N. E.
Significance of scientific schools in researches of 80-90th years of XIX century Belarusian family problems. pp. 84--90.

Summary: The significance of three ethnographical schools in researches of 80-90th years of XIX century Belarusian family problems has been analyzed in the article. Main directions of this topic researches have been revealed. The role of the each direction has been shown.



Lyaushun L. V.
Foundations of the creative work typology in the art canon system of the Christian culture. pp. 91--94.

Summary: Iconological, gnoseological, ontological and anthropological principles of the Christian culture as well as the artistic anon arisen from it have been analyzed in the article. The registration of them would allow to discover the foundations for adequate typology of the creation work elaboration.

Hetman-Kryvetskaya N. V.
Taisa Bondar's poetry: ideological and thematic search. pp. 95--102.

Summary: This article is dedicated to the artistic peculiarities and individual creative revelation of Taisa Bondar, who represents the period of 70th years of XX century in the Belarusian literature. The author has made the conclusion that creativity of Belarusian writer experienced the notable evolution during four decades. Marina Tsvetaeva's heritage greatly influenced on the Taisa Bondar's creative works.



Chaika N. U.
Semantic organization of elliptical constructions. pp. 103--112.

Summary: The article is devoted to the one of topical linguistic problems which is the problem of semantic specification of elliptical constructions. Two ways of intra-syntagmatic specifications have been examined: actantical and syrconstantical. Organizing of the elliptical construction meanings has been formed with help of syrconstants of place, time, ways of action as well as with help of components of the actantical group such as partatives, resultatives, objects, addresses, etc. In the article syntactical connection helping specificators to link with elliptical constructions have been researched too. This connection could be semipredicative, additional and explanatory.

Kopach A. I.
Role of geographic terms inhelonims of Belarus and USA. pp. 113--120.

Summary: Geographic terms used in proper names of swamps in the Belarusian language and in the American variant of English language have been considered in the article. The functional criterion have been accented in studies of the geographic term role in the name but not of the structural one. Helonymic terms have been differentiated from the terms using the names of ther geographic objects (forests, meadows, rivers etc.). It allows to note the dependent position of the helonymic subsystem within the toponymic system.



Myadzvedzeu V.F.
Genadziy Mikhailovich Lych (To the 75th anniversary). pp. 121--122
here to read this article in Belarusian (Win1251)



Danilau A.M.
Sociology in the encyclopaedic aspect. pp. 123-124

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