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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Humanitarian Sciences, 2011, No.2

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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Humanitarian Sciences, 2011, No.2

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
(Vestsi Natsiyanalnai Akademii Navuk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Number 2, 2011

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Navitskaya T. E.
Contemporary relativistic models of the social space. pp. 4-8.

Summary: Sources of the social space contemporary relativistic models as well as schemes of its organisation have been analyzed in the article. Methodological perspectives of this models application during the conducting of social transformations analysis have been considered in the context of globalization.

Kvilinkova E. N., Sakovich V. A.
National cultures in conditions of the globalization. pp. 9-14.

Summary: Key problem of the article is the loss of cultural identity as a result of globalization processes which is not specific only for reduced but for numerous peoples also. Some aspects connected to the problem of national cultural identity preservation have been covered, too. A special importance has been given to the analysis of relation between the global and national cultures within the framework of globalization processes. Stable elements of culture as well as fields of the most vivid results of the ethno-cultural dialogue (language, music, dance) have been showed.

Palkhouskaya K. B.
Theoretic and methodological approaches to the economic behaviour investigation. pp. 15-21.

Summary: In the article main approaches to the investigation of economic behavior have been analyzed. They are economic, economy-sociological and sociological ones. Modern concepts to the analysis of economic behavior have been studied. On the basis of foreign and Belarusian scholar's theories the author reveals the features of difference between models and typologies of the individual economic behavior.



Davydzik V. V.
Normative legislation base of the state border policy of the Republic of Belarus. pp. 22-27.

Summary: In the article analysis of the existing normative legal basis for the state border policy of the Republic of Belarus has been made. Recommendations for the normative legal basis improvement have been given, too.

Loseu S. S.
Intellectual property rights in the civil law of the Republic of Belarus. pp. 28-34.

Summary: The article deals with basic theoretical problems associated with the determination of the content of the intellectual property economical rights. After analyzing of the relations between concepts "property rights of authors" and "exclusive copyright", the author concludes that these concepts are close related both in general and in details with the category of "property copyright". Also it is close to other rights of property character, presented in the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Copyright and Related Rights". The content of exclusive copyright shall be defined as rights to use a work in any form or by any means. In this case the positive component of the exclusive right is not limited to the ways of using a work that are listed in Article 16 of the Law "On Copyright and Related Rights". The author also formulates some suggestions that could be taken into account when finalizing the new draft Law "On Copyright and Related Rights".



Nikitenko P. G., Pochekin V. L.
Scientific fundamentals of information security in the external economic activity. pp. 35-45.

Summary: In conditions of the globalization processes intensification the security problems of international economic relations have been accentuated sharply. The necessity has been appeared to enlarge studies of the external economic activity security scientific fundamentals at different levels. The central role in this system has been kept by information security. It is considered to be one of priority tasks. The article gives an analysis and an overview of studies in the sphere of information security. Economic and political factors which determining the necessity to intensify investigations and to create security scientific fundamentals have been discussed. Directions of further studies along with their order and priority have been formulated.

Safonova O. A.
Methodical aspects of cluster identification and formation in the social and economic development model of the Republic of Belarus. pp. 46-52.

Summary: In this work the methodical approach to formation and identification of clusters has been offered. The offered methodical approach includes following 4 stages: analysis and estimation of conditions to the cluster creation; modeling of the cluster structure development; methodical maintenance of the cluster effective functioning; estimation of the cluster functioning efficiency.



Zyabko A. A.
Belarussian teachers attitude to the military service before and during the years of the First world war. pp. 53-58.

Summary: The article deals with the problem of Belarusian teachers attitude to the military service in Russian imperial army and their perception of the First World War. Author has pointed out the reasons, which called the negative attitude of teachers from Belarusian provinces to the military service. It has been determined how ideas of the Belarussian national movement have influenced on the teacher's perception the First World War.

Firynovich A. E.
"Feminine factor" in the revolt of 1863-1864: information potential of Belarusian archive depositaries. pp. 59-65.

Summary: In the article the information potential of domestic archive documentary materials have been discussed concerning to revelation of the "feminine factor" in events of 1863-1864 on Belarus territory. On the ground of educed sources the statistical analysis of women involvement into the revolt of 1863-1864 has been made and ways of women political activity have been investigated along with kinds and extent of punishment for antigovernment activities presented in 60's years of the XIX century. In elucidation of this problem the special attention has been paid to the specific of local origin sources.

Radzyuk A. L.
Belarusian cooperative societies in Western Belarus (1921-1939): current state of the problem research. pp. 66-73.

Summary: This article is devoted to the history of studies of Belarusian cooperatives activity in Western Belarus when it was a part of Poland. Main tendencies of studies in different historical periods have been traced. Research works of Belarusian and foreign historians dealing with the problem of Belarusian cooperative movement in the 2nd Polish Republic have been analyzed. Performed analysis has shown that nowadays national historiography lacked special investigations in this field. Most of the scientific works have been touched problems of Belarussian cooperatives by implication only. Representatives of Polish historical science have given some more attention to this problem.



Semikova A. V.
Vocal popular art of Belarus: stages of formation and development in XX century. pp. 74-82.

Summary: The article presents an overview of the historical development of vocal popular genres in Belarus. Author highlights the major milestones in changes of genre and the style accents of popular vocal art in XX century and up to nowadays. There is an offer to differ periods in its development. Core set of artistic problems in the modern popular music has been emphasized. Current meaning of the actual concept of "format" has been formulated. Separation of scientific studies of the popular vocal art phenomenon from its practical role and significance in the modern mass culture has been shown.

Klimovich Yu. M.
Musical companies as kind of musical activity. pp. 83-87.

Summary: This article is devoted to the analysis of company music in context of the musical-interpretative activity. Author has proposed various approaches to the comprehension of interpretative activity and music playing. Special attention has been given to the correlation between composer and performer creativity. Main characteristics and definition of the company music have been proposed, too.

Svyardlou P. L.
Authorship problems in Belarusian musical journalism. pp. 88-94.

Summary: The article is dedicated to the PR-manager's influence on the content of Belarusian musical publications. The musical journalism should be divided by the publication authorship into the true journalism and "journalism of press-releases". Journalism of press-releases has lost its creative part and became the simple communication between PR-manager and press.



Haradnitski Y. A.
Structure subjectness of Ivan Melezh's novel "Snowstorms. December". pp. 95-100.

Summary: Peculiarities of the narrative structure of the Ivan Melez's novel "Snowstorms, December" have been analyzed in the article. Comparison and correlation of author's point of view with his hero's one have been regarded as the main way to the narrative structure differentiation. Linguistic forms of the points of view expression in the work of art have been studied. Multiformity of narrative means in the novel has been ascertained.

Shamyakina S. V.
System of material images substantial structure components (on examples of the Belarusian magic fairy tales). pp. 101-105.

Summary: In the article author investigates the structure of the special type of artistic images which is material type concerning to characters, loci and things. The given type of images difference from images-tropes has been analyzed. Main attention has been given to components of material images substantial structure and system interrelations between them on examples of the Belarus magic fairy tales analysis of texts. Also problems of reader's perception of images, creation of their general ideological contents have been studied in the article. Conception of the similarity of material images structure with chaotic systems has been presented, too.



Maroz V. K.
Different interpretations of annals as illustration of the variant form use in norm-building processes of the ancient Belarusian language. pp. 106-111.

Summary: Linguistic aspects of Belarusian chronicles have been examined in the article. Subject of research is norms of Belarusian chronicles' language. Facts of linguistic alternative versions in similar parts of Belarussian annales have been viewed. Comparative analysis of quantitative and qualitative peculiarities of variants of the literary norms has been carried out. Conclusion has been made about the accumulation in chronicles all the norms of ancient Belarusian literary language.

Fedunova T. V.
Comparative investigations of lexical system of different languages: experience of the semasiological analysis. pp. 112-118.

Summary: Specificity of contrastive investigations which actualized in the network of lexical language's systems has been considered in the article. Correlation of the question about immediate relationship with the question about the degree of the equivalence of lexical units presenting the lexical base of every language has been disclosed. Both differentiation of such conceptions as the semantic value and content of lexical meaning needed to establish the types of lexical-semantic correlation within pairs of cross-language lexical have been presented. The necessity of separate analysis of polysemous lexical elements by the mismatch of semantic structures in different languages has been substantiated.



Mikhail Fyodorovich Pilipenka (To the 75th anniversary). pp. 119-121.
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Aliaksandr Aliaksandravich Kavalenia (To the 65th anniversary). pp. 122-124.
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