National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Second Meeting of Republican Interagency Work Group for Coping with COVID-19 Takes Place

On the 5th of June, 2020, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus hosted the second meeting of the Republican interagency work group for coping with COVID-19. The meeting involved leading scientists of the NASB and Ministry of Health, including experts in clinical medicine, hygiene and epidemiology, representatives of fundamental and applied sciences.

The meeting participants pointed to the timeliness of creation of the Interagency group for coordination of activities of scientists and republican bodies of state management during planning and fulfilment of scientific research on the problems of the coronavirus infection.

An open format of participants and importance of wider attraction of specialists in pulmonology, cardiology, informatics, etc. were confirmed.

Possibilities of planning and fulfilment of scientific research on the problems of the COVID-19 infection with considerations of formation of a new state program cycle, regional scientific and technical programs, as well as scientific projects of the Republican Fund of Fundamental Research within the acting competition were mentioned.

The participants supported the proposal of creation of a working group for creation of domestic vaccine for mass prevention of the coronavirus infection within the framework of the Interagency group activities, as well as relevance of development of Unified register of patients after COVID-19 with consideration of principles of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Secretary of the Interagency Group T. Gnedko