National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Textbook on History of Great Patriotic War Prepared

Textbook “The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People (within the context of the World War II)” for general secondary education institutions with Belarusian and Russian study languages was published under the editorship of Alexandr Kovalenia, the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the NAS of Belarus, Academician Secretary of the Department of Humanitarian Sciences and Arts of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The team of authors includes M. Zhilinsky, the Rector of the State Educational Institution Graduate School of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, and scientist of higher educational institutions Associate Professors B. Dolgotovich, M. Krasnova, K. Kozak, S. Novikov.

Considering that All-Belarusian Campaign “National Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: We Remember Everyone!” was announced, as the war affected every Belarusian family, the book includes “Creating War Chronicle” section. It proposes to pupils to pay attention to history of their families and the city or town where they live. The textbook contains a lot of documentary information found by the authors in archives of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, schematic maps, numerous illustrations supplementing and expanding the text of paragraphs and ensuring deeper information acquisition.