National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Department of Agrarian Sciences

Leadership and apparatus of department

Academic Secretary
corresponding member Vladimir Vitalyevich AZARENKO
  (017) 284-26-00

Deputy Academic Secretary
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Svetlana Ananyevna KASYANCHIK
  (017) 284-03-80

Scientific Secretary
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Yuri Ivanovich KONASHENKO
  (017) 284-23-43

Nezavisimosti ave., 66, 220072, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Email address:
Fax: (017) 284-25-58

The Department of Agrarian Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established in 2002 by incorporating the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of the Republic of Belarus into the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and coordinates the research and practical use of their results in the most important areas of scientific support for the agro-industrial complex: in the field of agriculture and plant growing, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine mechanization of agriculture, food production, the economy and the organization of agricultural production.

The Department carries out multifaceted scientific and organizational activities aimed at coordinating and solving actual fundamental and applied problems in the field of biological sciences.

The Department has the following main activities:

  • the development of the strategy for the development of the agro-industrial complex, the organizational and economic mechanisms for the management of the agro-industrial complex, and the improvement of the food security;
  • the creation of high-yielding, high-quality and sustainable varieties and hybrids of agricultural and fruit crops with the use of modern science, economically justified and environmentally friendly technologies for crop production, allowing to maximize the genetic potential of plants, reducing resource costs, rational use of natural resources and environmental protection Wednesday;
  • developing a strategy for the rational use of soil resources, effective methods for protecting soils from soil degradation and reproduction based on resource-saving and environmentally acceptable technologies, improving technologies for technical operation, repairs and reconstruction of reclamation systems for long-term agricultural use, developing ecological-toxicological principles of quantity control and reducing harmfulness dangerous pathogens and weeds by using tions of the latest range of plant protection products;
  • improvement and creation of new highly productive breeds, types and lines of farm animals, poultry and fish based on the latest methods of breeding and biotechnology; development and improvement of environmental safe, energy-saving, export-oriented technologies for the production of livestock products, veterinary technologies, methods and means of diagnostics, prevention and therapy, ensuring sustainable health welfare;
  • development of new and improvement of existing technologies for the production, harvesting, storage and rational use of feed for farm animals aimed at ensuring the health of farm animals, enabling them to realize genetic productivity, ensuring the production of ecologically clean animal husbandry products of high sanitary quality;
  • development of automated energy-saving technologies based on modern technical means and machine systems for the crop, livestock and food industries, scientific support of energy saving and efficient energy use in the agro-industrial sector technologies, development and mastering the production of new types of competitive food industry products, regulatory documentation, food certification, quality systems, modern equipment for the processing industry enterprises.

The Department of Agrarian Sciences includes 5 scientific and practical centers of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus: on agriculture, on animal husbandry, on potato and fruit and vegetable growing, on mechanization of agriculture and on food, with their subsidiaries, as well as the Grodno and Vitebsk zonal institutes, the Institute of Systems research in agriculture, 4 regional agricultural experimental stations.

The department consists of 11 academicians and 18 corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. As of January 1, 2016, over 5,400 people were employed in the organizations assigned to the Department, including 1,240 researchers, 61 doctors and 412 candidates of science.

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