National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Full members (academicians) of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are elected among famous scientists - citizens of the Republic of Belarus, who have made a great contribution to the development of science and have enriched it with works of primary scientific importance. The rank of corresponding member is awarded according to the results of elections, conducted by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. A prerequisite for the assignment of academic academic titles is the presence of a scientific degree of Doctor of Science. Academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, including retirees with this title, are assigned monthly surcharges for an academic academic title, the amount of which is established by law.

Academicians are members of one of the branches of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in accordance with the specialty for which they are elected, and can move from one department of the Academy of Sciences to another on the basis of a personal statement and decision of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Each academician has a decisive vote at the General Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and at the general meeting of the department of the Academy of Sciences, of which he is a member.

Academicians of the NAS of Belarus

ABLAMEYKO Sergey Vladimirovich, information technology
AGABEKOV Vladimir Enokovich, physical chemistry
APANASEVICH Pavel Andreevich, theoretical physics
BABOSOV Yevgeny Mikhailovich, philosophy
BELETSKY Alexander Valentinovich, traumatology and orthopedics
BILDYUKEVICH Alexander Viktorovich, high molecular weight compounds
BOGDEVICH Iosif Mikhailovich, agrochemistry
VITYAZ Peter Alexandrovich, engineering
VOYTOVICH Alexander Pavlovich, laser physics
VOLOTOVSKY Igor Dmitrievich, plant photobiology
GAPONENKO Sergey Vasilyevich, optics nanostructures
GARETSKY Radim Gavrilovich, geology
GERASIMOVICH Leonid Stepanovich, electrotechnology and electrical equipment in agriculture
GNILOMEDOV Vladimir Vasilyevich, Belarusian literary criticism
GOLUB Ivan Antonovich, agro-industrial technologies
GONCHARENKO Andrei Markovich, theoretical physics
GORDIENKO Anatoly Illarionovich, materials science
GRIB Stanislav Ivanovich, selection and seed production
GUSAKOV Vladimir Grigorievich, economy and national economy management - agro-industrial complex
DOSTANKO Anatoly Pavlovich, microelectronics
ZHDANOK Sergey Aleksandrovich, physics of combustion and explosion
IVASHKEVICH Oleg Anatolevich, physical chemistry
IZOBOV Nikolay Alekseevich, mathematics
KAZAK Nikolay Stanislavovich, optics
KILIN Sergey Yakovlevich, quantum informatics
KILCHEVSKY Alexander Vladimirovich, plant genomics
KLUBOVICH Vladimir Vladimirovich, technical physics
KOVALEV Nikolay Andreevich, veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology with mycotoxicology and immunology
KORZYUK Viktor Ivanovich, applied mathematics
KRUTKO Nikolay Pavlovich, chemistry and technology of mineral fertilizers
KUKRESH Leonid Vasilyevich, crop production
KULCHITSKY Vladimir Adamovich, neurophysiology
LABUNOV Vladimir Arkhipovich, microelectronics
LAMAN Nikolay Afanasyevich, experimental botany
LAPA Vitaly Vitalyevich, agrochemistry
LASKOVNEV Alexander Petrovich, powder metallurgy and composite materials
LAHVICH Fedor Adamovich, organic chemistry
LISHTVAN Ivan Ivanovich, physical chemistry of peat
LOBANOK Anatoly Georgievich, microbiology

LOGINOV Vladimir Fedorovich , geography
LOKOTKO Alexander Ivanovich, art history
LUKASHANETS Alexander Alexandrovich, Belarusian language
LYCH Gennady Mikhailovich, economics
MARUKOVICH Evgeny Ignatievich, metal technology
MATVEEV Aleksey Vasilyevich, geology
MAKHNACH Anatoly Alexandrovich, geology
MIKHAILOV Anatoly Arsenevich, philosophy
MIKHAILOV Anatoly Nikolaevich, medicine
MIKHALEVICH Alexander Aleksandrovich, energetics
MROCHEK Alexander Gennadyevich, cardiology
MYSHKIN Nikolay Konstantinovich, mechanics
NIKITENKO Petr Georgievich, economics
NIKIFOROV Mikhail Efimovich, zoology, biological resources of the animal world
OLEKHNOVICH Nikolai Mikhailovich, solid state physics
ORLOVICH Valentin Antonovich, experimental physics
OSTROVSKY Yuri Petrovich, heart surgery
PARFENOV Viktor Ivanovich, botany
PENYAZKOV Oleg Glebovich, thermal physics
PLATONOV Vladimir Petrovich, mathematics
RESHETNIKOV Vladimir Nikolaevich, plant physiology and biochemistry
RUBINOV Anatoly Nikolaevich, laser physics
SVIRIDYONOK Anatoly Ivanovich, materials science in mechanical engineering
SMEYANOVICH Arnold Fedorovich, neurosurgery
SOLDATOV Vladimir Sergeevich, chemistry
SUKALO Alexander Vasilyevich, pediatric nephrology
TOLKACHEV Vitaly Antonovich, spectroscopy
KHOTYLOVA Lyubov Vladimirovna, genetics
KHRIPACH Vladimir Aleksandrovich, bioorganic chemistry
KHRUSTALEV Boris Mikhailovich, engineering
TSYGANOV Alexander Rimmovich, agrochemistry
CHERENKEVICH Sergey Nikolaevich, biophysics
CHERNYAVSKY Alexander Fedorovich, informatics
CHIZHIK Sergey Antonovich, nanotechnology
SHEYKO Ivan Pavlovich, breeding, selection, genetics and reproduction of farm animals
SHIROKANOV Dmitry Ivanovich, philosophy
SHKADAREVICH Alexey Petrovich,instrument making
YANCHEVSKY Vyacheslav Ivanovich, algebraic geometry