National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Leadership and apparatus of department

Academic Secretary
Academician Valentin Antonovich ORLOVICH
  (017) 284-28-45

Deputy Academic Secretary
Corresponding Member Sergey Alexandrovich Tikhomirov
  (017) 284-14-55

Scientific Secretary
Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences Irina Ivanovna FILATOVA
  (017) 284-15-66

Nezavisimosti ave., 66, 220072, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Email address:
Fax: (017) 284-06-10

The Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established in 1963 (until 1987 — the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences). Performs and coordinates research in the field of modern physics, mathematics and computer science in priority scientific areas, formed in the light of the development trend of world science, the existing scientific and technical potential and the needs of the national economy.

The Department has the following main activities::

  1. Basic and applied research:
    • laser physics, nonlinear and quantum optics, photonics of atomic-molecular systems, including nanostructures and metamaterials, metrological support of laser-optical technology, plasma physics, micro-, opto and nanoelectronics, elementary particle physics and fundamental interactions;
    • algebra, geometry and number theory, differential equations and control processes, functional analysis, computational and discrete mathematics, probabilistic-statistical analysis and the theory of random processes;
    • mathematical cybernetics, computer modeling, image and speech signal processing, supercomputer and grid technologies, bioinformatics and medical informatics, geoinformation systems and information-space technologies, digital cartography.
  2. Development and creation of technical means and devices, hardware and software systems and technologies in the areas of:
    • laser-optical technology, phototherapy, optical diagnostics, semiconductor heterostructures, solar cells, LED lighting equipment, microwave optoelectronics, special-purpose equipment;
    • Earth remote sensing systems and geo-information systems, telemedicine, supercomputers, integrated systems and information technologies for product life cycle support, computer-aided design, library systems, robotics, RFID technologies.
    • Scientific and methodological support of the development of informatization processes in the Republic of Belarus. Coordination of space research and development in the country. Coordination of works on the modernization of the electric lighting system of the Republic of Belarus based on the use of energy-efficient light sources. Methodological support for the creation and operation of information resources about goods (products), their automatic identification, as well as the provision of electronic document circulation in the distribution networks of the Republic of Belarus.
  3. Training of highly qualified scientific personnel in the field of modern mathematics, physics and informatics for the Republic of Belarus.
At present, the Department includes a state research and production association, three government research institutions, two science engineering and one republic research and production enterprise. The department unites 21 academicians and 23 corresponding members. About 1,310 people work in the Branch organizations, including 860 researchers. Among them - 82 doctors of science and 212 candidates of science.

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