National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Department of Physical and Technical Sciences

Leadership and apparatus of department

Academic SecretaryDoctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Sergey Sergeevich Shcherbakov

  (017) 284-03-77

Deputy Academic Secretary
Doctor of Engineering Sciences Tatyana Leonidovna TALAKO
  (017) 284-07-75

Deputy Academic Secretary
Doctor of Engineering Sciences Aleksandr Gennadjevich KRAVTSOV
  (017) 284-18-22

Scientific Secretary
Candidate of Engineering Sciences Galina Borisovna MELNIKOVA
  (017) 284-16-71

Nezavisimosti ave., 66, 220072, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
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Fax: (017) 284-03-75

The Department of Technical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established in 1940 (in 1947-1963 – the Department of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences, in 1988–1998 – the Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Mechanical Engineering and Energy), it coordinates scientific research and practical use of their results in the most important areas of scientific support for engineering and energy, agriculture and construction, radio, electronic, chemical, medical and processing industries, environmental protection environment.

The Department has the following main activities:

  • processes for the production and processing of materials for modern technology, new multifunctional and specialized materials, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, high-energy materials processing technologies using laser, plasma, electron and ion-beam, electroerosion, ultrasonic and pulse effects, materials and casting technologies, additive technologies layered synthesis of products;
  • physics, chemistry and mechanics of the surface, interfacial interactions, tribology, friction and wear, control of the structure and properties of the surface, including at the nanostructural level, obtaining surface layers with special properties;
  • mechanical engineering and instrument making, machine mechanics, reliability and safety of technical systems, high-tech mechanical engineering components, mechatronic systems of machines and mechanisms, unmanned aircraft systems, design theory, test technologies based on computer methods of calculation and modeling, scientific fundamentals and non-destructive testing methods, technical diagnostics;
  • physical and technical problems of energy, energy saving and efficient use of energy, heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous bodies, dispersed systems, rheological and non-equilibrium media, turbulent heterogeneous flows, low-temperature plasma, during interaction of radiation with matter and phase and chemical transformations, metallurgical technologies and equipment, nuclear and hydrogen energy, radiation and nuclear physics technologies, forecasting and prevention of emergency situations of man-made and natural nature;
  • 3D technology.

At present, the Department includes a state research and production association, three government research institutions, two science engineering and one republic research and production enterprise.

The department unites 21 academicians and 23 corresponding members. About 1,310 people work in the Branch organizations, including 860 researchers. Among them - 82 doctors of science and 212 candidates of science.

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