National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

MOGILEVTSEV Dmitry Sergeevich

Dmitry Sergeevich Mogilevtsev (b. 01.11.1969, Shklov, Mogilev region) - theoretical physicist. Corresponding Member (2017), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (2009).

Research in the field of quantum optics and quantum informatics: reconstruction of quantum states for high-precision diagnostics, generation of non-classical light states for use in quantum communications and cryptography, high-precision measurements, metrology and diagnostics, photonic crystals and interaction of radiation with matter in them, the dynamics of open systems. Developed theoretical methods and approaches that allowed to predict the anomalous dispersion of group velocity in photonic crystal optical fibers, non-Markov dynamics of emitters in photonic crystals, the formation of a bound atomic field state in photonic crystals, recovery of a quantum state by varying losses or noises, non-Markovian nature of attenuation of Rabi oscillations quantum dots, nontrivial modification of the radiation localization length in layered metamaterial structures, the method of diagnosis systematic errors in quantum tomography and localization of the quantum state search space; diffusion conservative nature of the propagation of quantum states in dissipatively coupled waveguide systems.

Author of more than 140 scientific papers, including 2 monographs.

Major papers:

  1. Group-velocity dispersion in photonic crystal fibers // Opt. Lett. 1998. Vol. 23, N 21.
  2. Biased Tomography Schemes: An Objective Approach // Phys. Rev. Lett. 2006. Vol. 96, N 23.
  3. Теоретические методы квантовой оптики структурированных резервуаров. Минск, 2007.
  4. Dissipatively coupled waveguide networks for coherent diffusive photonics // Nat. Commun. 2017. Vol. 8.