National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Participants of 12th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition conveyed congratulations on Day of Belarusian Science

Alexey Gaydashov sent congratulations on the Day of Science to all scientists of the country on behalf of participants of the 12th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition.

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

The team of the 12th Belarusian Antarctic Expedition congratulates of scientists of the Republic of Belarus on the professional holiday - the Day of the Belarusian Science! It is remarkable that this day coincides with the 200th anniversary of the Antarctic Continent discovery!

The Belarusian science has glorious traditions, and Belarusian scientists and people born in Belarus made significant contributions to the history of the world scientific progress, but time sets new tasks for us, and the Belarusian science must be ready for their implementation.

In the year of anniversary of the Antarctic Continent discovery, we have to pass the test for Polar maturity: to pass the first stage for status approval of the Consultative part of Antarctic Contract with dignity; to start implementation of a significant national project – all-year wintering, first in history of the Republic of Belarus; to establish the next scheduled five-year stage of the National Polar Program.

Implementation of project of such a scale and level can be performed only by the country that pursues the consistent policy of peace and consent, cares for perspectives of its dynamic development and progress, and has a rich scientific potential and hard-working people!

We wish you, dear colleagues, dear friends - good Polar health, well-being, fruitful work, implementation of new scientific ideas and discoveries, and actualization of advanced technologies!

We stay with your - with our hearts, intentions and actions. We are directed at obtaining of new knowledge about the Earth, preparation of the Belarusian research station for 2020-2021 wintering, first in the history of our country, for the benefit of the Republic of Belarus and world scientific progress!

The state flag of the Republic of Belarus and the flag of leader of breakthrough scientific idea of our country - the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Belarus - are hoisted at the flagpoles of the national research station in the Antarctic to commemorate the Day of Belarusian Science!

Team of 12 BAE:
Alexey Gaidashov
Aleksey Khatkevich
Aleksey Zakhvatov
Sergey Puninsky
Nikita Iziderov
Anton Makas
Dmitry Golub
Jury Giginyak (Progress station, RF)
Pavel Shablyko (Saint Clement of Ohrid station, Bulgaria)