National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


The Belarusian-German Historical Commission has announced a competition for scholarships for scientific research internships

The Belarusian-German Historical Commission (hereinafter referred to as "Commission") promotes joint research of the Belarusian and German history, its transnational context and historical relations between Germany and Belarus. The Commission also seeks to support cross-border research by senior students and young scholars from both countries, and therefore provides scholarships for research internships in Germany and Belarus of one month duration. The Fellowships act as a support for research activities, which is in line with the objectives of the Belarusian-German Historical Commission.

The scholarship is granted for 1 month.

The size of the scholarship. The scholarship amounts to €2,500 for a month of research work in Germany and €2,000 for a month of research work in Belarus. There are no additional payments to cover travel, accommodation or allowances for fellows with families.

At the end of the research mission for which the fellowship was awarded, a report of at least two pages in length must be submitted within three months.

Documents to be submitted with the application:

  • a brief description of the research project, including the status of the research, preliminary work carried out, methods and sources (up to three pages);
  • a work plan during a one-month research trip;
  • a summary, a list of publications on the research topic;
  • a written recommendation from a research supervisor or other person in the academic field.
  • Brief description of the research project and work plan for applications from Belarus are submitted in Belarusian (or Russian) and English, while the rest of the documents are in Belarusian or Russian.

    For applications from Germany, a brief description of the research project and work plan are submitted in English and German, and the rest of the documents are submitted in English or German.

    Please send your application as a PDF file by 1 June 2020 to or

    Contact persons: Alesia Belanowicz-Petz, German Society for Eastern European Studies, Berlin,; Elena Gross, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk,

    Information letter