National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


As part of the year of historical memory, members of the Institute of Philosophy hold meetings with the teaching staff of the secondary schools in Minsk

A meeting was held between the Head of the Department of Philosophy of Literature and Aesthetics, Doctor of Philology, Professor Valery Maksimovich and the teaching staff of the secondary schools № 104 and № 95 in Minsk.

The speaker shared his own scientific achievements, presented his own monograph «National artistic tradition in the сontext of the humanitarian security of Belarus», as well as the collective monograph «National сulture in the сontext of the socio-cultural transformations». Attention was drawn to the fact that these scientific developments can be actively used in the educational work and are intended, among other things, to expand students’ knowledge of the classical literary tradition as an essential component of the national culture.

The author noted the importance of using the value-based approach in the literary education, which, in his opinion, is one of the most significant in terms of the humanization of the cultural and educational sphere. In the conversation it was especially emphasized that literature is an essential component of the spiritual culture and that familiarization with the art of the word becomes an important stage in the formation of the value sphere of a person's personality, contributing to the formation of spiritual and moral qualities, worldview ideas and beliefs of the younger generation.