National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


The International Conference «Results of Archaeological Research in Belarus in 2021» has started

On May 18-20, 2022, the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is holding the annual International Scientific and Practical Conference «Results of Archaeological Research in Belarus in 2021».

At the plenary session, which began on May 18, on the International Museum Day, the participants paid tribute to the memory of the famous archaeologist Olga Nikolaevna Levko, who suddenly passed away and could be congratulated on May 21 on her 75th birthday, who did so much for the development of the archaeological science and museum business. They also remembered another outstanding archaeologist, Petr Fedorovich Lysenko, thanks to whom the Berestye Archaeological Museum was created 40 years ago.

A lot of work was done by the archaeologists of the institute and the country in the last year's field season, a number of discoveries were made, new monuments were studied, unique artifacts were obtained. Almost 200 permits for the right to conduct archaeological research were issued by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, more than 600 conclusions on the presence or absence of archaeological objects were prepared at the Institute of History. The summer archaeological camps with schoolchildren, the student practice, the exploration and excavations, the rescue research in the areas of the new buildings, the museumification of objects, the new ideas and hypotheses. All this can be heard in the reports on Thursday and Friday. But archaeologists cannot live without a field. Therefore, the scientific and practical part on the first day of the conference takes place on the territory of Borisov and the Borisov region – an acquaintance with the activities of the «Borisov United Museum» and the most famous monuments and objects of the historical and cultural heritage of our country!