National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Press conference dedicated to the problems of energy efficiency is held

On November 10, 2022, a press conference on the topic «Improving energy efficiency is the basis of energy security and energy independence of the country» was held at the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus.

Speakers from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus at the event were: Brin Anton Anatolyevich, Director of the State Enterprise «Institute of Energetics of the NAS of Belarus» and Pitsukha Evgeny Alexandrovich, Head of the Laboratory of Chemical and Energy Processes of the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer of the NAS of Belarus. Scientists told about scientific research carried out in organizations in the field of energy conservation, about recent achievements in this area.

November 11 is the International Energy Conservation Day. In the period from November 8 to 11, 2022, the republican annual information and educational campaign «Belarus is an energy-efficient country» is taking place. This year it is held under the motto «In a single movement for the better!».