National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Vladimir Gusakov congratulates the scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on the New Year 2023 and the Christmas

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

2022 is becoming history. In the life of national science, it was bright, eventful and intense. It allowed us to advance in all directions, solve important and sometimes ambitious tasks, and obtain priority-level scientific results.

In 2022, we worthily celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian Academic Science and the Institute of Belarusian Culture, established that the Day of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will now be celebrated annually on October 13. It was on this day in 1928 that the resolution of the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars of the BSSR on the reorganization of the Inbelkult into the Belarusian Academy of Sciences was adopted. Last year we held the first exhibition-forum of the IT Academy Artificial Intelligence in Belarus, where more than 100 developments were presented, which showed various aspects of such a multidimensional concept as artificial intelligence. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has acquired its own University, strengthened ties with partners from Russia and China, many scientific organizations have shown growth in production volumes, and new leaders have taken the helm of institutes and departments of sciences. One of the pillars of the work of humanities scientists was the Year of Historical Memory. In this regard, new publications have been prepared and published, and the nationwide campaign «People's Сhronicle: to Remember Everyone!», initiated by the Academy of Sciences, has received a bright continuation. Competitions held at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus allowed not only to encourage the best colleagues, but also to discover new names and talents.

Belarusian science has long been a leading productive force, and the National Academy of Sciences has become a brand and an integral attribute of the country. No significant event is complete without the participation of scientists. Therefore, it is quite natural that society is constantly interested in the state of national science. The President of the Republic of Belarus and the country's leadership pay special attention to our work. And this is confirmed by a number of meetings that took place with the participation of academic scientists. All this imposes a special responsibility.

Today, under the conditions of sanctions pressure, the developments of Belarusian scientists are particularly in demand both within the country and in friendly states, which has opened up new large-scale opportunities. The policy of import substitution, including in science, has once again proved its relevance and effectiveness.

Life poses new and new challenges to scientists. It is planned that 2023 will be no less intense, bright and, I hope, successful. It is in the new year that we will celebrate the 95th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences. With new results.

Dear friends!
On behalf of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and on my own behalf, I cordially congratulate you on the upcoming New Year 2023 and the bright holiday of Christmas! The beginning of the year is a time of new hopes, successes and victories. What the coming year will be like depends on each of us. I wish you and your families peace, health, inexhaustible energy and optimism, happiness, warmth and well-being, success in business and endeavors in the name of the noble goal – the prosperity of our beloved Motherland!
Happy New Year!

Vladimir GUSAKOV,
Chairman of the Presidium
of the National Academy of Sciences
of Belarus, Academician