National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NAS of Belarus to host an Open Door Week dedicated to the 95th anniversary

From October 9 to 13, 2023, as part of the festive events dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences, the NAS of Belarus is holding an Open Door Week. As part of the campaign, those who wish have the opportunity to visit scientific institutions of the NAS of Belarus in Minsk and other cities of the country.

A special program is offered by the organizations of the Department of Humanities and Arts of the NAS of Belarus. For example, the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of the NAS of Belarus holds a number of events. A book exhibition will be launched in the library's lobby, where you can get acquainted with the main achievements in the field of fundamental and applied scientific research and the developments of Belarusian academic scientists in the most important areas of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences. In the reading room of rare books and manuscripts, visitors will be offered a guided tour of the exhibition Belarusian Land’s original: to the 135th Anniversary of Yazep Drozdovich’s Birth. You can learn interesting facts from the history of the library, go on a trip to the reading rooms, get acquainted with the funds and modern activities during a sightseeing tour. In addition, visitors will have a unique opportunity to go on a tour of the collections of rare and old printed books.

The history of academic science of Belarus will be available at the Museum of History of the NAS of Belarus. The Museum of History of the NAS of Belarus is a memorial complex of the Belarusian highest scientific organization’s history and at the same time a cultural and educational institution. On an area of about 250 sq. m. there are more than 3.5 thousand exhibits that reflect the history of the formation and development of science in Belarus, the creation and development of scientific directions, the scientific and practical activities of scientists. Those interested will also be able to visit the permanent exhibition Achievements of Science for Production, the Archaeological exposition of the Institute of History of the NAS of Belarus. Guided tours are available by appointment for organized groups.

The Council of Young Scientists of the NAS of Belarus has also prepared its own plan of events for holding Open Days. Young researchers will not only conduct excursions to their scientific organizations, but will also meet with schoolchildren and students in schools and higher educational institutions.

The main official events will be held at the NAS of Belarus on October 12–13, 2023.

October 13 is the Day of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. 95 years ago on this day, a resolution was adopted by the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars of the BSSR on the reorganization of the Institute of Belarusian Culture into the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. And already on October 14, 1928, the resolution of the CEC and the CPC of the BSSR was published in the central newspapers of Belarus.