National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Chairman of the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov congratulates the scientific community on the Day of Belarusian Science

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

On behalf of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, I cordially congratulate the entire scientific community of the Republic of Belarus, everyone for whom science has become a matter of life, on a professional holiday – the Day of Belarusian Science!

Science has always been a powerful resource for the modernization of society, the most important component of national wealth, and the driving force of technological progress. Scientific thought tirelessly brings new knowledge and breakthrough technologies into our lives. And today we can proudly say that Belarusian science is at the forefront here.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, as the main scientific organization of the country, is building a dynamic system of interdisciplinary and intersectoral interrelations Science – Education – Production. A vivid confirmation of this is the wide list of works awarded prizes by the NAS of Belarus, as well as those who became laureates of the Top 10 competition - the most significant world-class achievements in the field of fundamental and applied research. By the end of 2023, it includes results that cover the fields of microelectronics, physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, humanities, and medicine.

The Academy of Sciences as a whole has successfully completed the past year. The main indicators of socio-economic development have been fulfilled. In 2023, we worthily celebrated the 95th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the 30th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of the Academies of Sciences. We held the II Forum and exhibition of the IT Academgrad Artificial Intelligence in Belarus, where more than 100 exclusive developments were presented. On behalf of the Head of State, an exhibition of the latest achievements and developments Intellectual Belarus was organized, which was launched not only in Minsk, but also in all regional centers, and then on the basis of the VDNH in Moscow. About 1000 exhibits were on display. An All-Belarusian competition dedicated to the Year of Peace and Creation was also organized, and its results were summed up. The winners were more than 200 creative inventions in various genres. The best were awarded diplomas and gifts.

A lot has been achieved. But more needs to be done. 2024 has been declared the Year of Quality. This initiative, in particular, will not only improve the quality of mass-demand products, but also the results of the work of scientific workers, strengthen the responsibility of scientists for the research carried out by scientific organizations. The Academy of Sciences plans to traditionally organize an All-Belarusian competition dedicated to the Year of Quality, and hopes that representatives from all corners of our country will take part in it.

A lot of responsibility this year falls on humanities scientists. In connection with the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and the 85th anniversary of the reunification of the peoples of Western Belarus and the BSSR, the public is waiting for new scientific proofs, documents and evidence of those events. This is necessary for the formation of a truthful attitude of society towards its historical past, succession and continuity of historical periods in the development of the country.

Today's difficult time requires scientists to make non-standard decisions, to intensify the introduction of scientific developments into the economy. That is why we need to open new laboratories and research centers, strengthen scientific ties, and work with our partners on world-class projects.

I am sure that the active creative search of scientists will ensure the planned scientific results for the prosperity of our Motherland.

I wish you, dear colleagues, new discoveries, the implementation of bold plans and confident progress.

Happiness, well-being, and health to you and your loved ones!

Vladimir GUSAKOV,
Chairman of the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus, Academician