National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


National Academy of Sciences of Belarus announces the Republican contest of creative works 2024 dedicated to the Year of Quality

The Republican contest of creative works dedicated to the Year of Quality was established by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in connection with the declaration of the Year 2024 in the Republic of Belarus as the Year of Quality in accordance with the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus of November 27, 2023 No. 375. The competition is held in order to increase the prestige of scientific activity and the quality of national personnel training, develop creative activity, promote the professional growth of young scientists, stimulate interest in scientific creativity and attract young people to science, form responsibility in society for the results of the people’s work and a sense of belonging to the future of the country.

Representatives of the general public are invited to participate in the competition – school, student and working youth, creative people, scientists, representatives of higher education, teachers, cultural figures, graduate students, Master’s students. The participants of the Competition can be both individual citizens and groups of authors consisting of no more than three people.

The competition is held in the following nominations: "Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science as the Basis for High-Quality Processing, Transmission, Storage and Protection of Information; Physical and Technical Innovations for Increasing the Competitiveness of Domestic Industries; Achievements of Chemistry and Environmental Management for the Year of Quality; Careful Attitude to Natural Resources and Conservation of Biological Diversity; Medical Science is the Basis of a High Quality of Life; Humanities for the Year of Quality; Agricultural Science for High Quality of Agricultural Products.

In each of the nominations, the Competition is held in three categories:

Category 1 – schoolchildren and students;

Category 2 – Master’s students, postgraduates, young scientists (up to 35 years old as of January 1, 2024);

Category 3 – academic, university and branch scientists, teachers, creative people (over 35 years old as of January 1, 2024).

Diplomas of I, II and III degrees are awarded in each category.

The research results are submitted to the Competition as articles (a series of articles) published in scientific and popular science editions, developments with competitiveness, efficiency, socio-economic significance, as well as layouts, samples, scientific reports, presentations, journalistic articles, essays, musical and artistic works, works of prose and poetry.

The terms of the competition, requirements for works and participants, the procedure for reviewing works and other issues of organizing and conducting the competition are set out in the Regulation on the Republican Contest of Creative Works dedicated to the Year of Quality, approved by Resolution No. 65 of the Bureau of the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus of February 23, 2024, which can be foundat the link.

The materials for the nomination of works for the competition, issued in accordance with the Regulation, are sent in one copy before October 1, 2024 to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus at the address: 66 Niezalieznasci Ave., Minsk, 220072.

The application for the competition, executed in accordance with the established form in the Microsoft Word, is additionally sent to the e-mail address in accordance with the nomination (the list of e-mail addresses is specified in paragraph 14 of the Regulation).

Phone numbers for inquiries: (017) 275-24-56, (017) 358-28-26.