National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


At BELAGRO-2024, the organizations of the NAS of Belarus present over 300 developments and technologies

About 50 organizations of the NAS of Belarus are taking part in the international specialized exhibition BELAGRO-2024. In total, scientists and specialists of the Academy of Sciences demonstrate over 300 innovative developments and technologies for agriculture in the closed pavilion (266 m2) and on the site (658 m2).

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus Pyotr Kazakevich.

This year, innovative products and technologies of scientists can be found in the following thematic blocks: Smart Agriculture, Biotechnologies, Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers, Digital Solutions for the Agricultural Sector, Food Security and Agricultural Machinery.

The exposition of the Scientific and Practical Center of the NAS of Belarus on Agricultural Mechanization is traditionally presented with new machines, equipment and devices for technical support of innovative technologies of the agro-industrial complex. For example, a mobile robotic platform is designed to monitor the condition and care of crops. The semi-mounted PKP-0.9 (ПКП-0.9) feed pusher is designed to push coarse feeds (hay, straw, silage, haylage) and feed mixtures closer to the animal feed table. The unit for the mechanical removal of the crown of berry bushes AUK-1 (АУК-1). The technique is designed for the mechanical removal of the crown of low-productive berry bushes used in the system, and for mechanized cultivation of berry plantations. Among the novelties are the PVK-1 (ПВК-1) boulder stone picker (for picking and transporting boulder stones); a revolving hinged plow with a variable center of mass; mounted sand spreaders PN (ПН); a double-row sprayer for berry pickers OD-2 (ОД-2), etc.
The Scientific and Practical Center of the NAS of Belarus on Agriculture presents its exposition under the motto New Generation Varieties for the Year of Quality. These are seeds of new varieties of the main agricultural crops created by agricultural scientists on the basis of the center, with high productivity and yield potential, zoned for 2023–2024: Ilvi, Gray, Stasia, Leia winter wheat; Znamia, Stasia spring wheat; Ulyssa, Zhaleika rye; Avenue, Equator, Borets winter triticale; Dielo spring triticale, Litvin, Fantik spring barley; Zenith oats; Dzieja, Deliva buckwheat; Stimul field peas; Cardinal, Rodnik winter rapeseed; Helius spring rapeseed, etc.
The China-Belarus Aviation Technologies and Systems Company shows an aircraft model of the multirotor type Agrodron A60-X, designed to introduce plant protection products using ultra-low volume spraying technology.
The Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry demonstrates the developed range of a group of specialized low-lactose and lactose-free dairy products for the nutrition of people with lactase deficiency. The production technology will eliminate the appearance of excessive sweetness of the finished product due to a lower content of reducing sugars.
The Center of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies of the NAS of Belarus demonstrates LED electric lighting for indoor vegetable growing.

Among the most relevant developments of the NAS of Belarus at the exhibition are: digital identification and traceability of goods in supply chains and product safety; food for children on fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy bases; veterinary drugs, plant growth regulators, innovative fertilizers and much more.

The international specialized exhibition BELAGRO-2024 takes place on June 4–9, 2024 in the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park.