National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


US Congress House of Representatives delegation headed by Dana Rohrabacher visits NAS of Belarus

NAS of Belarus has hosted the delegation of the US Congress House of Representatives headed by Dana Rohrabacher, Representative for California, Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Science, Space and Technology of the House of Representatives.

During his visit to NAS of Belarus the congressman attended the permanent exhibition “The achievements of national science applied for production”. The visitor showed a special interest in the Belarusian projects in the field of energy. The congressman expressed confidence that if scientists from Belarus as well as from other post-Soviet countries consolidated their efforts with their American colleagues, it would benefit all parties.

The leaders of NAS of Belarus expressed hope that the visit would become a certain stage in establishing closer cooperation between Belarusian and American scientists. Chairman of NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov reminded that presently the chief scientific institution of Belarus and a range of American universities and laboratories had agreements and implemented joint projects. “We already have a range of achievements ready to be implemented in various areas – in the field of materials science, physics, biology and biotechnology, humanities. We think that the capacities of the Academy of Sciences are much greater, we can broaden our cooperation in a variety of areas”.