National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Delegation of Harbin Department of Science and Technology (China) visits NAS of Belarus

On August 21, 2015 the delegation of the Department of Science and Technology of Harbin (China) visited NAS of Belarus upon the invitation of the NASB leaders to discuss advanced areas and mechanisms of cooperation as well as the question of China representatives’ participation in the China Products High Technology and Innovation Expo to be held in Minsk on October 13-16, 2015. The Belarusian delegation was headed by Vice-Chairman of NASB Presidium Sergei Chizhik.
The Chinese guests told that currently 133 technological parks operate in the country, which are engaged in new technology research. It is expected that the delegation, which will come to Minsk to participate in the Expo, will involve over 50 people among whom will be the Mayor of Harbin.