National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NAS of Belarus takes part in International Technical Fair

From September 28 to October 3, 2015 Plovdiv, Bulgaria, hosted the 71st International Technical Fair, in which the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus participated within the Republic of Belarus National Display. The NAS of Belarus was represented by the Physical-Technical Institute, NPO Center, the Institute of New Materials Chemistry, the Center of LED and Optoelectronic Technologies.
The International Technical Fair is one of the most prestigious business forums dealing with innovative technologies in South-East Europe. The NASB institutes displayed their technologies, among which were automated systems for plasma and water jet cutting, centrifugal test equipment, laboratory centrifuges, LED lights for different purposes, a new composite magnetic material and products based on it, electronic ceramics and products based on it, fluorescent dyes, polymeric materials for 3D-printers, 3D-glasses, technologies and equipment for magnetic and pulse pressing, forming parts of orthopedic implants.