National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Congratulations from the Chairman of NASB Presidium Vladimir G. Gusakov on the Belarusian Science Day

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

On behalf of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus I congratulate the scientists of our country, all those for whom scientific research became the destiny and vocation, on the professional holiday - Belarusian Science Day!

Science has always been a powerful resource for the modernization of society, the driving force of technological progress, the most important component of national wealth. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko set the task of building a knowledge society. This is the key to our strategic development and broad international recognition. Today, it is a science intended to suggest ways, mechanisms and scenarios of economic transition of our country to the sixth, the highest technological way.

In recent years, at the Academy of Sciences it has become a good tradition to compile lists of the research results and world level developments and to form «ТОP–10». In 2015 the list of winners included scientific achievements in the field of fundamental and applied researches. The results are presented in leading international and national scientific editions with high impact factor. The relevance of the scientific researches conducted at the Academy, is confirmed by the interest of the world scientific community. Every year more than 700 articles of the NASB scientists are included in the international database. Their works are cited by authors from the USA, China, Germany, Russia, India and other countries.

The Academy of Sciences completed last year with dignity. Basic indicators of social and economic development have been achieved. A system of 72 interdisciplinary research centers on the most perspective directions of research has been set up, the main task of these centers is to define points of growth and anticipatory development for various fields of science. The exhibition fairs of academic science achievements received wide resonance in the society. International scientific relations have been expanded, the amount of work and export potential have been increased. Unique and innovative objects have been put into operation. Priorities and research programs for a new five-year plan have been developed, including the creation of a more advanced Earth remote sensing satellite, the construction of a permanent Antarctic station, completion of the project "BelBiograd" Science and Technology Park, improvement of the science organizational structure, integration into the national economy, development of international scientific relations and so on.

It is not easy to be a scientist, but it’s very prestigious. Scientists are rightly considered to be the elite of society. But it’s not only the honor, first of all it’s a great responsibility. The scientists of the Academy of Sciences should be in the lead both in carring out fundamental and applied researches and in the implementation of their developments, generate new ideas, industries, fields and directions of the economy development. It should be said that all the subject-matter of the Academy of Sciences is now focused on the practical work and it is widely demanded.

In the past year many representatives of science were awarded high state awards for outstanding achievements. Talented young scientists were awarded Presidential Scholarships, leading experts to receive Presidential Research Grants were defined. Scientists received international and national awards, became the winners of various competitions, were awarded prestigious diplomas and certificates.

The year 2016 is declared as the Year of Culture in our country. This is a perspicacious decision because culture and nation are directly associated with civilization and development. If culture and science are the main priority in the country, such country is considered civilized and highly developed. Therefore, the Year of Culture in Belarus should be the year of general rise of culture of the Belarusian society and, consequently, of the rapid development of science. In this connection, new large-scale tasks are put before the scientists. The famous scientist Timiryazev once wrote: "The chosen ones involved in science should look at knowledge as a treasure which is entrusted to them and at the same time belonging to all the people".

I wish you, dear friends, to be real scientists, to store and increase the wealth of national science.

May you and your relatives always be happy, healthy and wealthy!

Vladimir GUSAKOV
the Chairman of NASB Presidium