National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


XV Minsk International Heat and Mass Transfer Forum to be held at NAS of Belarus on May 23-26, 2016

More than 250 leading scientists from 10 countries will participate in the XV Minsk International Heat and Mass Transfer Forum. The largest scientific event will be held at the National Academy of Sciences on May 23-26, 2016. Scientists from Russia, USA, China, Japan, England, Germany, Norway, Poland and other countries will come to Minsk. Meetings of the world's leading experts on a regular basis (every four years) held in the capital of Belarus from the beginning of the 60s of the last century are the recognition of the national scientific school in the field of heat and mass transfer. And this is a great opportunity for experts to exchange ideas, to compare ongoing research with global trends, to find partners for the expansion of scientific research, investors and potential producers of high-tech products.

In total, the forum's program includes 375 papers and presentations of scientists from various countries in a wide range: from biology to space technologies; from the problems of heat transfer in technological systems to biological and medical studies where heat and mass transfer plays an important role in diagnosis and therapy. Today the A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the NAS of Belarus is the largest scientific institution in the republic engaged in the development of energy efficient and environmentally sound technologies and equipment, apparatus and devices for power and mechanical engineering, space industry, agriculture and the building industry, medicine, chemical, electronics, radio engineering, and food industry. XV Minsk International Heat and Mass Transfer Forum will be a clear manifestation of the great traditions and a new stage in the creative interaction of scientists and experts from research centers of many countries. It will allow participants to hear, see and discuss the obtained results and to determine the direction of scientific research in this field of knowledge in the coming years.

Official opening ceremony will take place on the 23th of May (Monday) at 10.00 am (Nezavisimosti Avenue, 66, 2nd floor, Large Conference hall).

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