National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


The President of the Republic of Belarus signed a decree on awarding

By the Presidential Decree №187 from June 2, 2016 State awards were bestowed upon a number of representatives of the government, ministries, departments and enterprises of the Republic of Belarus “for many-year productive work, exemplary fulfillment of service duties, vigorous public and social activities, attainment of good production results, a big personal contribution to the development of legislation and parliamentarism, construction industry and agriculture, science and education, art, culture, and sport.” Medals of Francysk Skaryna were bestowed upon the Director of the SSI “The Center for Belarusian Culture, Language and Literature Research of the NASB” Aliaksandr I. Lakotka and the Head of the laboratory at the SSI “The V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of the NASB” Nikolai A. Laman.