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Competition on Electro-Mobility in framework of EU ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe project coming nearer

The EU program "Horizon 2020" has accepted to finance a new project ERA-NET Cofund “Electric Mobility Europe” (2016–2021).

Such projects as ERA-NET Cofund are aimed at coordination of research programs of the EU countries and interested third countries and joint funding of researches on the project subject by the European Commission and the participating countries. The partners of such projects are the organizations that fund national research programs, namely ministries, agencies, research foundations. Concearning the Belarusian realities these are state customers. Thus, 23 ministries and organizations from 15 countries, including the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus are members of the consortium ERA-NET Cofund "Electric Mobility Europe". The total project budget which is formed by virtual partners’ contributions (estimated value of researches on electromobility, funded in their countries by partner organizations) and the European Commission's contribution (33% of total partners’ contributions) is 30 mln euro.

Organization of competitions for financing of joint scientific, technical and innovation projects with the participation of organizations from at least two EU/AU countries represented in the consortium is the main activity in the ERA-NET Cofund projects. And the members of joint projects must be executers of national research programs on the subject of the competition. Thus, in case of success of the project submitted to the competition, besides national funding it receives additional funding from the European Commission's contribution. If there is a state customer from Belarus in the ERA-NET Cofund consortium, as in the case of "Electric Mobility Europe", all the above said fully applies to executers of national scientific programs.

The first Competition in the framework of ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe will be announced in November/ December 2016. It will cover five key areas:
1. System integration (transport, urban/suburban areas);
2. Integration of the logistics of urban freight and passenger traffic into the e-mobility;
3. Concepts of smart mobility and ICT application;
4. Public transport;
5. Consumers behavior and trends in society.

Organizations of the Republic of Belarus involved in national programs on the subject of the competition are invited to participate.

Detailed information about the Competition and related events will be provided later.

Contact person: Nataliya S. Yankevich, the national contact point "Transport" of the program "Horizon 2020", the NAS of Belarus, tel. +375 17 2841883, +375 29 3417342, email: