National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Scholarships of Belarus President for 2017 assigned to twenty seven NASB graduate students

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 398 of September 6, 2011 “On Social Support of Students” and on grounds of proposals of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus based on the annual open competition, scholarships of the President of the Republic of Belarus for 2017 have been assigned to 99 talented young scientists doing research in priority scientific and technical areas. The corresponding decree has been signed by the Head of the Belarusian state. Among the awarded scientists there are 27 representatives of the NAS of Belarus. The scholarships have been assigned to graduate students specialized in physics and mathematics, technical sciences, chemistry, biology, medicine, agricultural and social sciences, humanities, and geosciences.

The practical significance of their scientific achievements is confirmed by acts on implementation of the results in activities of industrial enterprises, medical and educational institutions, and by patents for inventions and utility models or positive solutions for a patent. The results of all the researches have been published in national and international scientific journals, and presented at national and international conferences and symposiums.

The decree aims to support talented young scientists and to develop scientific schools and scientific potential of Belarus.