National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Cooperation with CERN to reach new level

Meeting of the Vice Chairman of NASB Presidium Sergei Ya. Kilin and official representatives of International Relations Sector of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Christoph Schaefer and Tadeusz Kurtyka was held. At the meeting a new draft agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and CERN on scientific and technical cooperation in the field of high energy physics was discussed. The agreement aimes to update an existing system of interaction between Belarusian scientists and CERN taking into account the role of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in organization of research in this rapidly developing field of science.

During the negotiations procedural issues of signing the agreement were coordinated, and preparation for a major International Symposium on Integration of Belarusian Scientists in Research Programs of the World's Leading Nuclear Physics Centers was discussed. The symposium is to be held as part of the Year of Science at the NAS of Belarus in April 2017.

New ways of cooperation including realization of joint research projects, preparation of joint publications, implementation of joint training programs for young researchers and teachers, as well as educational programs for students have been proposed.