National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus approves plan of events for Year of Science 2017

According to Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 125 of 14 February 2017 a Republican plan of events for the Year of Science 2017 has been approved.

The plan aims at maximum involvement of the scientific sphere, which is the most important driving force of economic and social development of the country, in the work on ensuring the competitiveness of the Republic of Belarus on the world market.

The plan is comprehensive, it contains activities aimed at improving legal, scientific and methodological support of science, informing about achievements of Belarusian science in media, activation of publishing activities of scientists, conducting scientific and practical events (conferences, seminars, round table discussions, etc.) and so on.

Particular attention is paid to the support of youth creativity, revealing of gifted and talented young researchers with leadership qualities. Patriotic upbringing of the younger generation of scientists, formation of a personnel reserve, work with young specialists, as well as training of highly qualified scientific staff are also of high importance.

Importance of innovation activities in science and international cooperation is emphasised.

The plan covers all aspects of science and society, and science and economy sectors interaction. Events of the plan are aimed at ensuring a meaningful science contribution to social and economic development of the country now and in the future.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is appointed responsible for coordinating the implementation of the republican plan.