National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB conducts Week of Native Language

On February 20-26, the Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics of the NAS of Belarus conducts a Week of Native Language dedicated to the International Native Language Day which is celebrated on 21 February. In this regard, a number of events have been scheduled.

On February 20, at 2.00 p.m. the Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics will host meeting with schoolchildren who are the winners of the 3rd stage of the Republican Olympiad on Belarusian language.

On February 21, a round table discussion "Language in Education, Science, and Law" will be held at the Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics at 3.00 p.m. Representatives of state bodies of the Republic of Belarus, deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, universities professors, journalists, leading scientists and young scientists of the NAS of Belarus will participate in the discussion.

On February 22, a presentation of a single-volume Dictionary of Belarusian Literary Language will be held at the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of the NAS of Belarus (vul. Surhanava, 15, room 110) at 3.00 p.m. The Dictionary was compiled by the team of lexicographers of the Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics. It contains more than 65,000 words and provides an explanation of their meaning. It is also a guide to spelling, accentuation, inflection, phrases and grammatical characteristics. All changes in spelling, being approved by the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On rules of the Belarusian Orthography and Punctuation" (2008), have been followed in the Dictionary.

Corresponding Member of the NAS of Belarus Aliaksandr Lukašaniec will talk to students and teachers of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on contemporary language situation in the country and achievements of national scientists.

On February 23, the Scientific Council of the NASB Center for the Belarusian Culture, Language and Literature will discuss current trends in the modern Belarusian linguistics. On February 24, there will be a lecture on digital educational resources, information and communication technologies in teaching the Belarusian language and literature for teachers of the Belarusian language and literature at the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

Besides, leading philologists will address the public on radio and television, will take part in celebrations and festive events, organized by government agencies and public organizations of our country.