National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Products Nanoplant successfully tested in largest European research center

A series of nanopreparations for agro-industrial complex (veterinary, livestock, crop production) under "Nanoplat" trademark, which are not inferior to the best world analogues, is developed and produced at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. These products exhibit properties of anti-stress and stimulator which allow to effectively resisting adverse weather conditions, pathogens and disease agents, as well as to consistently increase productivity, to provide the possibility of reducing the consumption of NPK fertilizers, protective equipment.

Nanoplant has been tested in one of the largest and most authoritative research centers in Europe - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Studies of Nanoplant preparations in Germany took several months. At the same time, several independently sampled samples were tested with a ninefold repetition of each measurement in the original sample. As a result of the tests, a Certificate was obtained that "Nanoplant is a nanopreparation containing stable nanoparticles with an average size of about 24 nm, which do not disintegrate upon dilution and ultrasonic treatment solutions." Thus, independent verification by an accredited European Centre fully confirmed the results of the Belarusian Center for Nano-measurements. It was confirmed that the preparations of the NAS of Belarus is professional nanopreparations, which can be used and promoted also in the European market.