National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB leadership representatives took part in Days of Belarusian Science in Moscow

The Days of Belarusian Science were held in Moscow on 27-28 June 2017. The event was coincide with the 4th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, which opens on 29 June in the Russian capital. The main purpose of the Days of Belarusian Science is the expansion of direct contacts, the exchange of experience in scientific, technical and innovative fields of scientists in Belarus and Russia, popularization of science as a driving force of the innovation economy and its increasing role in society, showcasing the latest scientific and technical achievements. Sergei Chizhik, Vice-Chairman of the NASB Presidium, Pyotr Vityaz, the Head of Academy Staff of the NAS of Belarus, Alexander Sukalo, Deputy Chairman of the NASB Presidium, Alexander Kilchevsky, Chief Scientific Secretary of the NAS of Belarus, took part in the plenary session from the side of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.