National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Unique device developed by scientists from NASB Institute of Applied Physics

In 2017, scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics of the NAS of Belarus developed ISUM-1 software and hardware complex. It is designed for measurement of the modulus of elasticity and hardness of modern composite graphite and carbon materials and for non-destructive testing of products from them. ISUM-1 has no analogues in the world. It is developed for needs of aerospace industry (to control assemblies of turbo-pump sets of liquid rocket engines and nozzle extensions) and in other industries which use products made of graphite and carbon materials. The device has been introduced by the Scientific and Technical Center “Etalon” (Russian Federation), which is a part of the Roskosmos corporation.

The State Scientific Institution “Institute of Applied Physics of the NAS of Belarus” has developed a series of small-sized multifunctional devices for non-destructive testing (namely for control of properties and defects of the material without destroying the product) of various materials, such as metals and alloys, polymers, rubbers, building materials (concretes, asphalts, bitumens), and carbon composites. The devices have been designed for accurate and rapid measurements of physical and mechanical properties of materials (such as hardness, yield strength, firmness, elastic modulus, etc.) in laboratory, production or field conditions without destroying or damaging products. Physical and mechanical indicators are very important in engineering practice, because they determine the quality of manufacturing products, as well as the possibility of further exploitation of potentially hazardous equipment, for example, oil and gas pipelines, critical elements of complex technological equipment.