National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


International Scientific Congress "Science for the Knowledge Economy" to start its work on October 26, 2017

In the framework of the Year of Science in the Republic of Belarus, the Institute of Economics together with the Center for System Analysis and Strategic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus organize the International Scientific Congress "Science for the Knowledge Economy", which will be held on October 26-27, 2017.

The Congress aims at exchanging expert opinions and discussing topical issues of application of scientific developments and innovative technologies in the interests of dynamic development of the real sector, as well as at joint searching for perspective directions of modernization of the national economy and implementation of Belarus' foreign economic strategy.

As part of the Congress, two International Scientific and Practical Conferences, namely "Belarus' Economy Development Strategy: Challenges, Implementation Tools, and Prospects" and "Science-Technologies-Innovations System: Methodology, Experience, and Prospects", will be held.

The "Science for the Knowledge Economy" Congress will work in the following directions:
1. Current trends, models and forecasts of the scientific and technical sphere development.
2. Resources, infrastructure and diffusion processes of innovative technologies in the "science-production" system.
3. Modernization of the national economy: institutional, monetary, fiscal, innovative and investment tools.
4. Belarus' foreign economic strategy: priorities, challenges, problems of implementation, and directions of development.
5. Legal support of economic development of Belarus.

More than 400 representatives of national and foreign research institutions, institutions of higher education, national government bodies and business circles will participate in scientific and organizational events of the Congress.