National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


4th International Student Natural Sciences Tournament opens at NAS of Belarus

On 10 April 2018, the 4th International Student Natural Sciences Tournament opened at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The NAS of Belarus organizes the event together with the Belarusian State University for the fourth time.

Vladimir Gusakov, Chairman of the NASB Presidium, greeted the audience at the opening ceremony and estimated the expansion of the participants’ geography as a sign of importance and significance of the event. Over the past years, more than 200 students and undergraduates from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have participated in the tournament. This year, students from France and Germany take part in the tournament for the first time. In his welcome speech, Vladimir Gusakov acquainted students with the most significant developments of the NASB organizations, mainly in the field of natural sciences. He also invited young scientists to further cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and emphasized that the Academy would be glad to welcome young talented undergraduates, graduate students and researchers.

The Student Natural Sciences Tournament is a team competition in Chemistry, Physics and Biology among students and undergraduates of institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus and the CIS countries. Twelve best teams from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will compete in the tournament. The qualified jury consists of the Academy of Sciences researchers, teachers of leading Belarus and the CIS countries universities, as well as representatives of partner companies.

The format of the competition involves solving tasks in teams and preparing multimedia presentations. The tasks set before the participants are of an applied nature, and their solution needs a creative approach on the part of the students. The tournament helps to establish cooperation between participants, scientific experts and representatives of industrial companies. The main goal of the tournament is to teach students to apply their knowledge in practice to solve urgent scientific, technical, and production tasks.

For 3 years of the tournament, such giants of the market as Google, EPAM Systems, Regula, ScienceSoft, MEL Science, Aquaphor, and NASA have offered their tasks for the participants. The tournament is an excellent opportunity for students to get skills of scientific research, to offer their ideas and developments to the scientific community, and to find potential employers among the large companies. The partner companies, in turn, have the opportunity to determine the best of the students and to develop further fruitful cooperation with them.