National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


NASB scientists develop Weather in Pocket mobile app

Scientists and specialists of the Geoinformation Systems Unitary Enterprise of the NAS of Belarus have developed the Weather in Pocket mobile app.

Weather in Pocket is the first non-industrial version of the Belhydromet mobile app for Android 4.1 and higher with a screen resolution of 854x480. It provides the user with information about the current weather, hydrological, agrometeorological, radiation, and ecological situation in different settlements of the Republic of Belarus.

All the information provided by the app results from the automated processing of the measurement data gained through the Belhydromet state observation network. The Belhydromet forecasters form storm warnings in advance. The specialists also warn about dangerous and adverse meteorological phenomena as they occur. Predictive meteorological data are calculated automatically with no control and adjustment, generally accepted numerical weather models at the Belhydromet computing power being used. Common services such as selecting a settlement and viewing data for it, a profile with a set of data oriented to a specific user group, including a dacha dweller, fisherman or nature lover, are provided.

A test version of the Weather in Pocket mobile application of the Belhydromet is already available at Play Market Google.