National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Role of Belarus in modern geopolitical and geo-economic processes to be discussed at Institute of History

On 5 June 2019 (Wednesday), the Center for the History of Geopolitics of the Institute of History of the NAS of Belarus together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Belarus Office) holds the International scientific conference "Belarus in modern geopolitical and geo-economic processes."

Opening of the conference will take place at 9 am on Wednesday, 5 June, in the NASB Institute of History, Minsk, 1 Akademicheskaya str.

It is planned representatives of the authorities and management (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Council of Ministers, etc.), the diplomatic corps, researchers from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, experts from leading universities of the country, as well as foreign scientists and experts in the field of international relations from Hungary, Russia, Germany, Poland, and others, will take part in the conference.

The conference aimed to intensify scientific discussions on topical issues for implementing foreign policy strategies and national and state interests of Belarus in relations with other states, for development prospects of the country and the region in modern geopolitical realities. The conference discussion will cover the following issues: the present and future of the global geopolitical space, stability and security in Central and Eastern Europe, the Republic of Belarus and integration processes in the post-Soviet reality, international organizations and the implementation of national interests of Belarus, bilateral relations of the Republic of Belarus with foreign countries.