National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Historians take part in press conference dedicated to Archaeologist Day

A press conference entitled "Contemporary Belarusian archaeology: why it is important for the national science and what may be of interest to the average person?" was held at the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus on 14 August.

The event was attended by employees of the NASB Institute of History: Vadim Lakiza, Deputy Director for Research, Olga Levko, Head of the Center of Archaeology and Ancient History of Belarus, and Stanislav Yuretsky, Head of the Department of Archaeology of Primitive Society.

Historians told the media about the specifics of archaeologists’ work, new finds, and the importance of analyzing archaeological findings for building scientific concepts. In particular, the second edition of the two-volume book "Slavs on the territory of Belarus in the pre-state period" was published in the first half of 2019. It presents new archaeological sites of the early Slavs (from the 4th century), which were discovered in the southern part of Belarus, tells about the Slavic settlements of the late 4th – 5th centuries and 6th – early 7th centuries. The book emphasized on a significant archaeological site of that time near the village of Cordon, Shumilin district, Vitebsk region, which has been explored since 2016.

Photo by S. Dubovik