National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Publisher: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Published since 1993
Issued in Belarusian, English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian

Chief Editor: A.M. Medvedev, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Targets and goals:
The materials both the archaeology of the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages of Belarus, and problems of ancient history (before IX cent. A.D.) and medieval history (IX-XVIII cent. A.D.) of Belarus and its borderies (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine) are studied in the collection. The problem of cultural relations between these Eastern Europe countries is also discused. Some collection's issues are devoted to memoria of the famous Belarusian archaeologists and historians.

Editorial address:
Akademicheskaya st. 220072, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
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Phone: (017) 284-18-70, 284-28-54