National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


The activities of the Academy of Sciences are carried out on the basis of a combination of state regulation of scientific, scientific-technical and innovation activity with the creative initiative of research teams, freedom of scientific research in order to ensure the effective implementation of the tasks facing the Academy of Sciences; combining unity of command and collegiality of reviewing and resolving issues, the governing bodies of the Academy of Sciences with the personal responsibility of their members for enforcing decisions and the state of affairs at the assigned sites work; interrelations of fundamental and applied research and development; active interaction with ministries, other republican bodies of state administration, other state organizations subordinate to the President of the Republic of Belarus or the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, subjects and participants of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activities; mutually beneficial and equal cooperation with legal entities and individuals, international organizations engaged in conducting, supporting or implementing the results of scientific research and development.

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