National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Press Conference “Current State of Belarus Ecosystem. State Programs on Biodiversity for Period after 2020. Disappearance of Rare Species of Plants and Animals” was Held

On May 21, 2020, the Press Centre of the Press House held a press conference coincide with the International Day for Biological Diversity on the subject: “The current state of Belarus ecosystem. State programs on biodiversity for period after 2020. Disappearance of rare species of plants and animals”.

General Director of the State Scientific and Production Association Scientific and Practical Centre of the NAS of Belarus for Bioresources Alexander Chaykovsky represented the NAS of Belarus at the conference. He told about the composition and state of the biological diversity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus - today, more than 27.1 thousand plant and animal species are described in our country. The information on scientific support of international conventions on biological diversity, preparation of normative documents related to the environmental legislation, as well as rehabilitation of natural biotopes being performed was given. In the above-mentioned fields, the Belarusian scientist closely cooperate with their colleagues from Lithuania, the Ukraine and other countries.

Currently, the 5th edition of the Red Book is prepared, with the scientists of the Scientific and Practical Centre being involved. Besides, the 2nd edition of the Black Book of Belarus devoted to alien plants will be published this year.