National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Belarus Nature Week Held by NAS Of Belarus

During the period from the 22th to 29th of May, 2020, scientific organizations of the Department of Biological Sciences of the NASB hold the Belarus Nature Week coincide with the International Day for Biological Diversity (on the 22nd of May). The State Scientific and Production Association Scientific and Practical Centre of the NAS of Belarus for Bioresources, State Scientific Institution Institute of Experimental Botany n.a. V. Kuprevich of the NAS of Belarus, State Scientific Institution Central Botanical Garden of the NAS of Belarus and State Scientific Institution Forest Institute of the NAS of Belarus prepared a wide range of events, most of them being held online.

The Scientific and Practical Centre for Bioresources will held the first online seminar for expert beneficiaries of the project “Integrated management and system of measures for reduction of negative impact of alien invasive species in protected areas of the transboundary region” / “IAS management” as an online meeting. The aim of this project is to enhance cooperation between Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus to solve a common problem - the transboundary expansion of the alien invasive species and prevention of their negative influence on public health and valuable natural habitats.

The Institute of Experimental Botany n.a. V. Kuprevich prepared VI International scientific practical and training online seminar “Modern technologies in activities in the specially protected natural territories: geographic information systems, the Earth's remote sensing”. Scientific institutions, nature reserves and national parks of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Ukraine will take part in the event. The Institute scientists will deliver online lecture “Dangerous plants of Belarus” for school students.

The Council of Young Scientists of the Forest Institute of the NASB will organize academic conference for school pupils and regional stage of junior competition “Flourish, Our Forest” as an online meeting. The total of 55 scientific research papers prepared by school students from 17 districts of Homiel and Homiel region was accepted for the competition. The institute employees will be the judges and assess the papers within the framework of three section: “Ecology of forest animals”, “Ecology of forest plants” and “Sustained forest management”. The winners will be awarded diplomas and further present their scientific research papers at the final republican stage of the competition.

The Central Botanical Garden will give online consultations with researchers and specialists - curators of lilac and rhododendron collections. To the end of the Belarus Nature Week, videos with the experts answering the most popular and urgent issues on agricultural techniques of the lilac and rhododendron growing and handling will be posted on the Central Botanical Garden website.

The International Day for Biological Diversity was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly. The purpose of the holiday is to improve the society awareness of ecosystem preservation, to direct public opinion to the problem of irretrievable disappearance of many flora and fauna representatives.