National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Press Conference “Problems of Soil Degradation Due to Regional Climate Pattern and Human Activities. Soil Erosion and Depletion as Risk Factor for Foodstuff and Economic Safety of Belarus” Takes Place

On the 16th of June, the National Press Centre of the Republic of Belarus held press conference “Problems of soil degradation due to regional climate pattern and human activities. Soil erosion and depletion as risk factor for foodstuff and economic safety of Belarus” confined to the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (the 17th of June). Representatives of the NAS of Belarus took part in the press conference: Alexander Anzhenkov, the Director of the Institute of Land Reclamation, Nikolay Tsybulko, the Deputy Director for Scientific Research of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the NAS of Belarus, and Sergei Lysenko, the Director of the Institute for Environmental Management of the NAS of Belarus.

The scientists of the NASB Institutes spoke about changes of the climate conditions in the Republic, as well as changes in the soil layer related to the climatic changes and anthropogenic activities. Sergei Lysenko, the Director of the Institute for Environmental Management of the NAS of Belarus told, particularly, that considering the current warming rate, Belarus would have principally new agricultural meteorological conditions in 30 years. “The problems of soil degradation and erosion should be considered within the context of climate changes. New meteorological conditions are now forming in Belarus due to the climate change,” he said. “Active temperatures at the southern borders will be observed at the northern border of Belarus in 30 years”. According to Sergei Lysenko, adaptation to the new conditions is possible by means of measures in the forestry and agriculture. “But the key factor of provision of favourable agrometeorological regime on the territory of Belarus will be preservation of moisture resources available at the regional level”.