National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Press Conference “Foundation of Economy of Future. Development of Nanotechnologies and Nano industry In The Republic Of Belarus: Project Implementation” Takes Place

On the 16th of June, 2020, the Press Centre of the Press House hosted press conference on “Foundation of economy of the future. Development of nanotechnologies and nano industry in the Republic of Belarus: Project implementation”. The following representatives of the NAS of Belarus participated the event: Sergei Chizhik, the First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the NASB, Academician of the NASB, Mikhail Heifets, the Director of the Institute of Applied Physics of the NASB, Alexey Trukhanov, the Executive Director of the Republican Association of Nano Industry, Leading Research Associate of the Scientific and Practical Material Research Centre of the NAS of Belarus.

Sergei Chizhik told about interindustrial character of the nanotechnological developments: “Nanotechnologies enter almost all spheres: medical industry, biotechnologies, electronic industry, etc. The enterprises and manufacturers wishing to be competitive search for opportunities of the nanotechnologies. It is a level difficult to achieve. It required specially trained people and special equipment”. Belarus has seven nanotechnological clusters: nanocarbon materials, microelement nanomedicines, membrane technologies, magnetic materials and surfaces, nano diagnostics and scanning probe technologies. Sergei Chizhik also said that the use of super smooth surfaces highly demanded in optics had reached an unsurpassed scale in the Republic of Belarus. Thanks to such technological approach as magnet biological treatment, it is possible to produce surfaces with the atomagnum smoothness level – it means that surface roughness differences are less than one nanometre. Such technologies cannot be found practically anywhere around the globe.

Alexey Trukhanov pointed to the importance of adoption of nanotechnologies in manufacturing processes, which is confirmed by the international experience. For this reason, Belarus also has to pay close attention to the comprehensive development of the nanotechnologies and nano industry.