National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Centre for Biomedical Technologies Based at Institute of Physiology Is Created

The Centre for Biomedical Technologies based at the Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established at the direction of Vladimir Gusakov, the Chairman of the NASB Presidium. The Centre foundation was driven by the need for studying of microbiome problems, creation of approaches to development of vaccines against new infectious threats and development of a new field aimed at establishment of new innovative approaches to treatment, diagnostics and prevention of socially significant infectious and non-infectious diseases.

To ensure maintenance of the Centre activities, the following facilities were created: a laboratory of cell technologies, multi-purpose diagnostic laboratory, laboratory of physiology of nutrition and sports, and the department of fee-based medical services.

The academic director the Centre for Biomedical Technologies is Igor Stoma, the Senior Research Associate of the Cell Technology Laboratory of the Institute of Physiology of NASB, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Infectious Disease of Belarusian State Medical University.