National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Intellectual Belarus Exhibition Presentation Takes Places

7On the 7th of August, 2020, the NASB hosted a presentation of the Intellectual Belarus exhibition and the Intellectual Belarus exhibitory concept. The event was organized by the NAS of Belarus and Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

According to the Chairman of the NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov, Belarusian scientists have made developments in various areas - from space technologies to agriculture. “It is newest preparations for the healthcare industry, biotechnologies and developments in the machine building industry, new materials for different industrial sectors, as well as unique lasers being sold throughout the world - from Japan to the USA. We have biotechnological, space, agro-industrial, and machine building clusters, which means we act by joining our efforts,” Vladimir Gusakov said. He also mentioned that the exhibition presented not only achievements of the Academy of Sciences, but also those made by higher educational establishments and other organizations. “Currently, we are actively working together with the BCCI on all exhibitions to make them contemporary and attractive. It affects prestige and public image of our science. Today, we have presented the recent most efficient developments, with lots of them being unique. Certainly, it is not all we have, the NASB creates something new every day,” Vladimir Gusakov said.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, the Chairman of the BCCI, noted in his turn: “The Academy of Sciences has an enormous potential, resources, practices, and we have our own opportunities and a global partner network. Therefore, the Intellectual Belarus joint project was created. Over these two years, we held 24 exhibitions together with the Academy of Sciences, where more than 120 contracts, agreements and memoranda were signed. I would like to mention another figure: it is only at these exhibitions, where the contracts for supply of Belarusian products to various markets to the amount above $0.5 bln were signed by the NASB organizations.

The Intellectual Belarus exhibition showed more than 150 latest developments and technologies created by the country’s scientists. The exposition consists of three clusters associated with the most relevant priorities of the science development: "IT Country. Scientific Support of Economy Digitalization"; "Overcoming COVID-19"; and "Technologies of the Future". Thus, the Institute of Biophysics of the NASB presents "Luch-54" laser optical defect analyzer intended for control of surface of polished plates used for manufacture of microelectronic products (chips, sensors, including products for the space and military industries).

"The Scientific and Practical Centre for Material Research" of the NASB demonstrates electromagnetic and radiation protective shields based on composite materials. They are advantageous for minimization of ionization radiation (electrons, protons, gamma rays) influence on a semiconductor components base utilized under extreme conditions in the terrestrial and circumterrestrial space (the geostationary orbit of the Earth).

A number of unique developments was shown at the "Overcoming COVID-19 exposition". Thus, the Institute of the Physiology of the NASB presented equipment for heated oxygen and helium mixture used for complex therapy of respiratory and cardiovascular system pathologies for clinical and outpatient treatment of SARS CoV-2, as well as GPS-Cardio software and hardware system. The Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymeric Systems of the NASB demonstrated electrete fibrous filtering melt-blown materials for protection of respiratory organs and perspective filtration material for medical masks and respirator cartridges based on "Griftex" fibrous porous fluoroplastic. The "Unitary Enterprise Geoinformation Systems" of the NASB showed a multilevel system of the earth remote sensing and the Russian-Belarusian high-resolution spacecraft at the "Future Technologies" exposition.

Photo М. Гулякевич, Навука