National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Appeal of Chairman of NASB Presidium Vladimir Gusakov

We have created a beautiful and well-tended country with strong economy. We have achieved a decent standard of living over a short period, over the independence years. All Belarusian people have played their significant role in it.

We have formed a strong, well-structured and fruitful science. We have made world-class achievements in all spheres of scientific activities – from space to agro-industrial technologies, including machine building, IT, biotechnologies, medical technologies, etc.

But our achievements can be destroyed now.

We appeal to the Belarusian people: be cautious, don’t give in to provocation, don’t pursue a “street” policy. Decisions are not taken on the streets, they are taken by means of consensus and interrelation between authorities and society.

We appeal to young people: the older generations created the independent country and formed the future potential.

Do not let it be destroyed!

Follow the example of the older people and try to augment what we have achieved. And to accomplish this, all must return to their workplaces – to laboratories and manufacturing sites, and peace should reign on our streets again.

Our future rests with us. It is easy to destruct, but it is difficult to restore.

The administration of the Academy of Sciences calls for stop of the country destruction.

We, the older generation and the youth, are the one nation! Every citizen is the core value for the state.

We call for stop of the conflict. We stand for public reconciliation and agreement!

We must be wise and united today, more than ever. We must not seek who is right and wrong. Let us make every effort to save the country from the disaster. Let us use the entire nation’s potential for creation and development of our Motherland!

We are proud of our country, our people, our talented youth!

We, the scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, stand for peace and well-being of our native Belarus, for public peace and sustainable future of our children!

We wish peace and safety for our country!