National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Appeal of Academicians of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Let us save our country and people from standing on the edge of a precipice.

Our life and creative experience allow us state that the Belarusian hard-working and talented people made solid achievements in the social and economic and cultural life of the country and science over the last decades. We are proud of our country, our talented youth - the national wealth, gold reserve and future of the country which respects and enhances the war and labour glory of many generations!

We call you to stop violence and destruction of the country. Today, only social reconciliation and agreement can save the country and its people. History teaches us that all conflicts and wars end in peace. The current conflict unknown since the Great Patriotic War will also become a thing of the past.

The young generation, we appeal to you. We are convinced that you will drive the scientific and technical progress which will secure the future of the country. We are sure that the young people, drawing on experience of the older generation, will make everything possible to overcome the standoff and find the way to preserve peace and agreement in our country.

The wise scientific academic community of the country calls the Belarusian people to find a compromise and be reasonable. We must avoid erroneous and ill-considered decisions dictated by the current situation. In the name of the war glory of the Belarusian nation and promising future of the generations to come, the Reason and Will of the Belarusian people must prevail over political passions. Before the Rubicon is crossed, we call to stop the escalation.

Today, it is important to listen and hear each other!

We ask you not to seek who is right or not. Let us make every effort together to ensure peace and agreement in our common Belarusian home.

Respectfully, the Academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:

On behalf of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics P. Apanasevich
N. Kazak
On behalf of the Department of Physical and Technical Sciences P. Vityaz
A. Mikhalevich
On behalf of the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences V. Agabekov
I. Lishtvan
On behalf of the Department of Biological Sciences L. Hotyleva
V. Reshetnikov
On behalf of the Department of Medical Sciences V. Kulchitsky
A. Smeyanovich
On behalf of the Department of Humanitarian Sciences and Arts E. Babosov
V. Gnilomedov
On behalf of the Department of Agricultural Sciences I. Bogdevich
I. Sheyko