National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Press conference held on the topic Intellectual Belarus in The Regions

On March 9, 2023, a press conference on the topic Intellectual Belarus in The Regions was held in the Press Center of the Press House.

Valery Goncharov, Director of the Center for System Analysis and Strategic Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, spoke as a speaker from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. As Valery Goncharov noted, intelligence should be the main factor of production. The exhibition Intellectual Belarus was organized on behalf of the head of state. It has already been held in Minsk, Homeĺ, Mahilioŭ, Viсiebsk, then it is expected in Hrodna and Brest. "In the strategy "Science and Technology: 2018–2040" we have prescribed Intellectual Belarus as the model of society to which we will strive. Naturally, we also do events, especially on a country scale, under this logo. When NAS was commissioned to organize a demonstration of the achievements of science, we took the opportunity to once again advance our mission. Intelligence should become the main factor of production. This is what we are focusing on," Valery Goncharov said. According to him, you can visit the exhibition and see the top exhibits in half an hour, but if you carefully inspect everything, ask questions and get answers, it takes up to three hours. The format of the exhibition allows you to get both compressed and expanded information, at the request of everyone. The exposition is organized according to various clusters reflecting various trends in science.

As it was emphasized at the press event, the exhibition Intellectual Belarus has become one of the most popular events in our country. Representatives of the Mahilioŭ and Homeĺ regional executive committees told about how the exhibition of scientific and technical achievements was held in Homeĺ and Mahilioŭ. The heads of the Hrodna and Brest regional executive committees informed about the preparations for a large-scale event in their regions. The exhibition Intellectual Belarus will be held in Hrodna on March 16–19. The final exhibition is planned in Brest.