National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Science Festival 2023 held in the Central Botanical Garden of the NAS of Belarus

On September 2, 2023, the Central Botanical Garden of the NAS of Belarus hosted the Science Festival – 2023. This is the country's largest popular science event held for the fifth time.

Every year the Festival becomes more and more popular. This year, more than 20 thousand people have become its participants.

One of the guests of the Science Festival was the Head of the Administration of the President Igor Sergeenko. He was shown developments in various fields, including agriculture, industry, medicine, ecology, nature management, environmental protection. After the opening ceremony, Chairman of the Presidium of the NAS Vladimir Gusakov noted that it is important to introduce young people to the achievements of science, to show what it’s capable of, how scientific research takes place, what results can be obtained. "There are a lot of children at the festival, and we would like to interest them so that they get involved in science from an early age. And so they come to universities in due time, and then to science. Our task is not so much to present complex high-tech technologies, as to show how interesting and attractive science is," he stressed.

At the anniversary Festival, traditional zones were presented, including Medicine, Robots, Space, and completely new formats were opened, for example, a Sci-fi zone, a meeting place with eminent scientists, writers and cosmonauts, and even a concert of the robot orchestra.

You could find out about everything that worries you, from headaches to blood diseases, on the site Medicine. Scientists and doctors have opened the veil of secrecy in the processes that allow us to obtain modern medicines, and in the phenomena occurring within ourselves. On this site, the Museum of entertaining sciences Quantum showed its exposition dedicated to the human body.

For the first time at the Science Festival, a site was organized at the confluence of science and fiction – the Sci-fi zone. Here we saw how science influences mass culture and how mass culture offers science ways to develop.

For the first time, representatives from the Russian Federation took part in the event: the scientific and educational center Reserved Embassy of the Zaryadye Park and the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology with master classes and scientific shows. The All-Russian SCIENCE 0+ Festival with a wide variety of venues has already become a traditional guest of our festival.

Belarusian scientists showed themselves at the exhibition and competition 100 Innovations of Young Scientists, which was successfully launched in 2022. At the University of the Future site, the Ministry of Education told about the achievements of science and current specialties in the leading universities of the country.

A series of lectures about space objects and their research, telescopes and satellites was organized within the framework of the Space site. Oleg Novitsky, pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation, Hero of the Russian Federation, Cosmonaut detachment member of the Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center, took part in the work of the Cosmos location. Candidates for a space flight from Belarus Marina Vasilevskaya and Anastasia Lenkova told about the preparation for the flight and answered questions from visitors to the site.

The ATOM TEAM site, organized by the Atomic Energy Information Center of Minsk with the support of the Engineering Division of the Rosatom State Corporation, worked at the festival. Engineering workshops and intellectual games, scientific interactivity and atomic quizzes were waiting for visitors. Anyone could start a chain reaction, accelerate the Da Vinci Wheel, or assemble a radio receiver that works without batteries, a Tesla coil that lights light bulbs without wires, and a Wilson camera in which you can see radiation. At the end of the day, a well-known physicist, popularizer of science, winner of the "Educator. Digital" Dmitry Pobedinsky gave a lecture Achievements of Modern Physics.

A careful attitude to nature and environment is of great importance for the future of mankind. Therefore, the Ecology site was organized at the event, where everyone could learn more information about the correct sorting of garbage, the importance of the ozone layer, the dangers of ultraviolet radiation, as well as how bacteria work and what microbiology "smells".

The best schools and organizations of the country in the field of STEAM education and robotics have gathered for the fifth time within the framework of the Robots site. Everyone had the opportunity to design, assemble and program a robot, to evaluate the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and also to get to a real concert of the robot orchestra. Competitions in educational robotics were held right at the Festival site. Participants created robots that could overcome obstacles, fight each other in the ring and play football.